Caroline Hatchett

Food & Drink

Sourweed, a Springtime Delicacy? You Bet

How a trip back home to South Georgia—and a foraging adventure in Wales—sparked a culinary spin through the kitchen with sheep sorrel


On the Hunt for Green Iguanas

Amid a boom of invasive iguanas in Florida, a food writer and novice lizard hunter tries her hand at thinning the population

Food & Drink

The Sauce King of South Georgia

How war, migration, and a dream drove Terry Ho to create a culinary empire—and perhaps the world’s most ubiquitous yum yum sauce


The Legacy of Strawberry Wine in American Music

As the Deana Carter classic celebrates its 25th anniversary, a look back at why the syrupy-sweet sipper makes for a potent lyric

Food & Drink

The Southern Story Behind the Frozen Margarita Machine

How Texas restaurateur Mariano Martinez revolutionized the classic cocktail