David Joy

Arts & Culture

From fiction to poetry, and Appalachia to Kansas, the North Carolina author shares his favorite reads of the year, plus a few gems soon to come

Land & Conservation

On his book tour overseas, the North Carolina novelist discovers that catfish are the ties that bind


The North Carolina author—and insatiable reader—on the novels, memoirs, poetry, and stories he couldn’t put down


A hunter’s lessons in the deep magic of stillness

Sporting South

From the bow of a skiff in the still of night, gig in hand, a son reflects on fathers, flounder, and choosing a life outdoors


From his small workshop in Chatsworth, Georgia, Anthony Ellis turns out some of the country’s finest trumpet calls


On a dream trip to chase Osceolas in Florida, a seasoned mountain hunter finds the mother of all turkeys

Land & Conservation

The powerful pull of the ancient alligator gar draws a North Carolina writer deep into the Texas mud

Good Dog

On a small North Carolina farm, two anxious souls make one fine pair