David Joy


Novelist David Joy’s Favorite Books This Year

The North Carolina author—and insatiable reader—on the novels, memoirs, poetry, and stories he couldn’t put down


Quiet in the Woods

A hunter’s lessons in the deep magic of stillness

Sporting South

Finding Flounder and Family

From the bow of a skiff in the still of night, gig in hand, a son reflects on fathers, flounder, and choosing a life outdoors


Top-Notch Turkey Calls

From his small workshop in Chatsworth, Georgia, Anthony Ellis turns out some of the country’s finest trumpet calls


The Hen That Rules the Woods

On a dream trip to chase Osceolas in Florida, a seasoned mountain hunter finds the mother of all turkeys

Land & Conservation

Dreaming of Monster Fish

The powerful pull of the ancient alligator gar draws a North Carolina writer deep into the Texas mud

Good Dog

Mutually Reclusive

On a small North Carolina farm, two anxious souls make one fine pair