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Ask G&G: Florida Shark Fears, Hush Puppies Without a Deep Fryer, and a Derby Betting Tip

Guy Martin explores seaside anxiety, jockey bets, and a favorite deep-fried delicacy

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The Maritime Mystery of the History-Making SS Savannah, Solved at Last?

For two centuries, explorers have searched for the wreckage of the world famous Georgia-based vessel

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Ask G&G: Mardi Gras Myths and Manners

Carnival crimes, origin stories, and penance ideas

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Ask G&G: Hair of the Dog and Hints for Dogwoods

Trivial pups, hangover truths, and trimming trees

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Ask G&G: Why Pythons Aren’t Good Pets, Bamboo Is Never the Answer, and You Shouldn’t “Break” a Colt

Snake buds, bamboo barriers, and horse whispering

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Queen Elizabeth II’s Special Connections to the South

On her many visits to the region, the steel magnolia—or rather, rose—of Britain enjoyed college football, Florida Keys boat rides, and particularly, her beloved Kentucky horses


A Late-Summer Suggestion: Learn the Art of Sailing

The time is right to conjure the magic of harnessing wind and water

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Ask G&G: Pound Cake Advice and the Okra Test

Baking secrets, okra wars, and meat-and-threes

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In Praise of Forest Whitaker

How the Texas-born actor shaped a career that reached a crescendo this year with one of the world’s highest international film honors

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Ask G&G: Creepy Crawlies and Summer Secrets

Surviving Southern insects, embracing fashionable neckwear, and sharing swimming spots


The Inside Scoop on the 2022 Kentucky Derby

Neck-and-neck horse rivalries to watch, the Baffert ban effect, and hot tips from the all-knowing Bluegrass Wise Man

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Ask G&G: Derby Luck and Texas’s German Accent

Guy Martin on German Texans, racing prep, and dirty politicians

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What Netflix Gets Right (and Wrong) about Pappygate

The deeper lessons from the notorious Kentucky bourbon heist

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Ask G&G: Garden Thievery and the Birth of Bocephus

Pocket garden pickpockets, horses of a different color, and the origin of a Southern nickname

Food & Drink

The World-Spanning Story of a Favorite New Orleans King Cake

What makes Dong Phuong Bakery’s spin on the treats so special

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The Wild, Thrilling, Southern Roots of the Most Expensive Gun Ever Sold

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A Very Southern Holiday Playlist

Heart-rocking tracks to make your spirits bright

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Did Florida Steal the Panhandle from Alabama?

Plus: Global cotton and wing-shooting tune-ups


Dispatches from a Dry County

The daring and dangers of living under lingering Prohibition restrictions

Arts & Culture

The Enduring Thrills of the Texas Rodeo

Riding, roping, and racing still rule at the Fort Worth Stockyards and beyond