Lindsey Liles

Land & Conservation

Seven Culturally Significant Plants to the Chickasaw People

An ethnobotanist shares some of the surprising ways the Chickasaw used wax myrtle, sassafras, and yaupon holly

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The Cajun Navy Responds to Hurricane Ida

How you can help the volunteer rescue organization, and other on-the-ground relief efforts in Louisiana

Arts & Culture

Calling the Hogs 101

An Arkansan introduces a perplexed visitor from abroad to a hallowed Razorback tradition


Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas Celebrates 100 Years

A look at the history of the country’s oldest health destination—and how it’s still evolving today

Land & Conservation

A Mysterious Beach Discovery on Hilton Head

The island’s sea turtle patrol is searching for the owner of a vessel made with love

Land & Conservation

Orphaned Baby Terrapins Get an Unlikely Second Chance

When a mama turtle carrying seven eggs was killed by a car, the South Carolina Aquarium stepped in

Land & Conservation

Meet One of the South’s Rarest Butterflies

Once down to four individuals, the endangered Schaus swallowtail is making a comeback—thanks to the work of Florida biologists

Land & Conservation

The Wild Story of a Whimbrel Migration Mystery

How a Southern scientist discovered the secret spot where tens of thousands of rare shorebirds recuperate

Land & Conservation

A Day Tracking Diamondbacks

Getting up close with the world’s largest rattlesnake in South Carolina’s pine savannas

Land & Conservation

At Ninety-Seven, This Former Maryland State Senator is Still Fighting for the Chesapeake Bay

Bernie Fowler will don his iconic white sneakers for the 34th annual Patuxent River Wade-In

Land & Conservation

Cicadas Will Disappear as Suddenly as They Came

But there’s a surprising way scientists—and trees—will remember they were here

Arts & Culture

Pop Art Meets Impressionism in a Colorful Florida Garden

Step through the garden gate at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota


Falcon Heights

Richmond photographer Todd Wright captures the regal nature of the sporting falcon

Land & Conservation

North Carolina’s Favorite Carnivorous Plant is Coming into Bloom

Where to spot Venus flytraps this spring


Making Homes for Endangered Southern Woodpeckers

How Nature Conservancy efforts in Georgia and Florida could save a native Southern species


Mexico Beach Wins G&G’s Favorite Southern Beach Town Bracket

Among 32 beloved Southern beach spots, a recovering Florida town takes the title

Food & Drink

Tips for Finding Ramps—and Harvesting Them Sustainably

Appalachia’s pungent and increasingly popular wild onion is coming into season

Arts & Culture

Why Is Savannah the St. Patrick’s Day Capital of the South?

A no-blarney look at the history behind the region’s most Irish city

Land & Conservation

Great White Shark Feeding Frenzy

A South Carolina charter captain and shark tagger had the experience of a lifetime last week—and has the photos and video to prove it

Arts & Culture

How to Find Four-Leaf Clovers

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an outdoor adventure