Logan Ward


A Perfect Pairing

Tradition meets modern inside an artist and an antique dealer’s charming Virginia bungalow


Margaret Boozer’s Earth Works

A Maryland artist finds beauty in the humblest of materials — the dirt beneath her feet


A Virginia Farmstead

How a Virginia couple blended modern and antebellum to create the ultimate weekend escape


A West Virginia Time Piece

A deep dive into the architecture of Jefferson County, West Virginia, inspires a handsome, historic puzzle of a house


Record Keeping

Joe Bussard’s rare vintage 78s—all 15,000 of them—preserve the sounds of the South for future generations

Southern Style

The South’s Top Shops

From a new Nashville fly-fishing outfitter to a suit atelier in Arkansas to a wine emporium in New Orleans that (of course) delivers, there’s never been a better time to sample the South


Rappahannock River Retreat

Appreciation for history and conservation runs deep on a family farm in Virginia’s Rappahannock River valley


The Spell of San Miguel

With its cobblestoned streets, colonial architecture, and ever-growing creative class, this Mexican mountain city—an expat enclave since the 1940s—continues to bewitch Southern travelers


Latin Flavor: San Miguel’s Hot Spots

From modern Mexican cuisine to a luxe rooftop bar with panoramic views, a guide to soaking in San Miguel


Cannery Show

A lifelong Marylander preserves eye-catching emblems of oyster history


The Perfect Summer: Secret Spot

The author’s favorite swimming hole


Mezcal’s Old Soul

Tequila’s country cousin may be the new hip spirit these days. But in the dusty Mexican landscape outside Oaxaca, it’s a tradition with very deep roots


New Life for a Tennessee Farm

The old and the new converge on a countryside family estate

In the Garden

Sue Grafton’s Kentucky Garden

The late crime novelist and her husband transformed the gardens of their 100-year-old Louisville home


Main Street Revival

A North Carolina antiques dealer turns a weathered warehouse into a lofty living space

Good Dog

The World’s Tiniest Bird Dog

How a tiny pooch turned out to be one bighearted bird dog

Home & Garden

Thomas Woltz: Wild By Design

Unlike many landscape architects, Thomas Woltz isn’t interested in imposing his will on nature. He’d rather let nature set the terms. In the process he’s turning heads and proving that ecology can be beautiful


The Call of the Jungle

How a renegade Kentuckian ignored the skeptics, made and lost a small fortune, and carved out an extraordinary second chapter for himself in the Amazon rain forest

Land & Conservation

Peter Hatch: Charlottesville, Virginia

Jefferson’s Gardener


Charles Stick: The Path Less Taken

For the renowned Virginia designer Charles Stick, landscape architecture is much 
more than a profession. It’s a never-ending quest for beauty