Monte Burke

A group of striped lures around a label


“Once you get a couple of these things, you start appreciating the history and the beauty and the engineering”

Nick Saban in front of a group of players


It’s not just the number of national championships—it’s the way he won them


Wheel through time in these vintage Red Hills quail wagons


Whether you’re after fin or feather, find an experience you won’t get stateside at these retreats across the globe


Tucked into cool mountain foothills, the sylvan city beckons with a break from Southern heat


Silver screen, small screen, even your music stream—the Houston native has them covered


A longtime panhandle fisherman on why the region draws him back year after year


The foremost collector of the state’s vintage reels trolls auctions, meets, and antique stores for his quarry

Land & Conservation

There’s been a noticeable decline of the species in Florida Bay and the Keys. A look at why—and what we can do to reverse the trend

Arts & Culture

Every month for a decade, Hody Childress quietly delivered cash to a local pharmacy for those in need. In the wake of his death, strangers have picked up the tab


Acclaimed anglers and conservationists Andy Mill and Paul Dixon honored by the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Hurricane Ian

What happens when you pack up all your valuables to flee a hurricane—and instead drive straight into the eye of the storm? One man’s harrowing account


Many consider permit to be the pinnacle of fly fishing. But it took hitting a personal low before Nathaniel Linville could truly begin his quest to become one of the best permit fishermen alive


On the back of a determined West Virginian—and private landowners and government agencies
alike—the vaunted and cherished brook trout just might be making a miracle comeback


The latest from Orvis, the Helios 3 Blackout, makes the right kind of waves


In a state that produces the nation’s most elite high school quarterbacks, all eyes in Texas have been on Quinn Ewers. But the player with the trademark blond mullet and the rocket-launcher arm seems to be one of the few not buying into the hype

Sporting Scene

How an ace Eastern Shore wood-carver crafts his acclaimed birds


Nobody fishes quite like the guide David Mangum

College Football

A lifelong Alabama fan and Saban biographer on meaning of the coach’s seventh college football national championship

Arts & Culture

Remembering the author of Forrest Gump and many other books and longtime G&G contributor