Roy Blount Jr.

End of the Line

Roy Blount Jr.’s War of Worms

A thoughtful study on worms, from gardening partners to backyard foes

End of the Line

Roy Blount Jr.’s Diamond Dreams

The hall of fame induction speech
that might have been

End of the Line

Roy Blount Jr.’s Mosquito Quandaries

A piercing discussion on the point of mosquitoes

End of the Line

Roy Blount Jr. Goes Whole Hogwash

Getting to the bottom of a linguistic trough


Lake House Reverie

Roy Blount Jr. steps back in time to his family’s old-school summers on the water

End of the Line

Roy Blount Jr. Gets His Goats

Not feeling sheepish about the barnyard Billy

End of the Line

Play Ball!

Recollections from spring on the diamond

End of the Line

Crazy for Croquettes

Getting to the meat of a beloved salmon dish—and Faulkner

End of the Line


The truth about desert-island “getaways”

End of the Line

Stop That Weed!

Protecting a courtyard from an unsightly intruder

End of the Line

Can You Be Immune to Dance Fever?

Ruminating on a reluctance to boogie

End of the Line

Florida, Man!

Rambling along in the Sunshine State

End of the Line

Southern Ingenuity

Thoughts on some inventions we need—and some we don’t

End of the Line

Hick-Hop Harmony

A world of possibilities for hybrid musical genres

End of the Line

Roy Blount, Jr. is Feeling the Heat

…and getting sweaty about it

End of the Line

How Does One Correctly Use the Term “Y’all?”

A few thoughts on a Southern debate for the books

End of the Line

When the Precious Acorn Becomes a Projectile

Roy Blount, Jr. goes a little nuts

End of the Line

Merry Joyeux Noël

A Southerner’s guide to Christmas in France

End of the Line

Fish Food

Getting to the bottom of bait and crackers


Humidity: The South’s Summertime Blanket

Roy Blount, Jr. on why the South just wouldn’t be the same without sweat