T. Edward Nickens

A freelance journalist for nearly thirty years, T. Edward Nickens is a judge for Garden & Gun’s Made in the South Awards and a frequent contributor to the magazine, an editor at large for Field & Stream, and a contributing editor for Audubon. He splits time between Raleigh and Morehead City, North Carolina, with one wife, two dogs, a part-time cat, eleven fly rods, three canoes, two powerboats, and an indeterminate number of duck and goose decoys.

Sporting Scene

Going Small for Gobblers

A new breed of ammo is changing the way we turkey hunt


Bonefish on Drugs

A new study shows that some Florida gamefish—and their prey—are laden with prescription medications


Watch Now: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Fishing Friendship

Now available to view online, Mighty Waters tells the story of a mighty bond between the civil rights icon and Bimini guide Ansil Saunders

The Wild South

Late-Season Duck Report

A waterfowler’s dispatch on what this year has brought—and hasn’t brought—for Southern duck hunters

The Wild South

Duck Season in a Glass

A post-hunt bourbon libation with a touch of the swamp


The Return of East End Lodge

Why the revival of a small bonefishing lodge means a lot for the Bahamas

Land & Conservation

Saving Grand Bahama’s Mangrove Forest

An unprecedented group effort seeks to restore what was lost after Hurricane Dorian—one mangrove at a time

The Wild South

The Sporting Gift Guide

A portable camp kitchen, innovative knife, the perfect gun sleeve, standout bibs, and more

The Wild South

Thanksgiving Appetizer: Barbecue Doves

A simple, highly adaptable recipe for adding some wild game flavor to your holiday table

Sporting Scene

Restoring Classic Side-by-Sides

A North Carolinian readies vintage guns for new days in the field

The Wild South

The One and Only Super Simple Back-Saving Truck Stick

Tired of getting on your hands and knees in the pickup bed to unload your gear? Here’s a two-minute, ten-dollar lifetime solution

Sporting South

Into the Woodcock Woods

Long overlooked as a prime upland bird in the South, the timberdoodle is quickly inspiring a new legion of hunters. But that by no means makes this whimsical-looking, erratic-flying,
thick-cover-loving quarry an easy target

The Wild South

Upgrade Your Ears

If you haven’t yet made the leap to a set of electronic earplugs for hunting, now is the time

The Wild South

Three Ways to Reboot Your Wing-Shooting Mojo

Try these tips in the field when you’re having a tough day and just can’t seem to hit a bird

Sporting Scene

On Ducks and Drought

What we know—and what we don’t—about this year’s duck season

The Wild South

Watch Now: What’s in My Dove Bucket?

Our Wild South columnist shows you the items he always brings along to the dove field

The Wild South

Hank Shaw’s Ultimate Guide to Seafood

The latest cookbook from the wild foods maestro covers just about everything that swims. Plus: Get his recipe for pickled shrimp

Sporting Scene

Lobbing for Bobwhites

Making a difference for wild quail has never been easier

The Wild South

Knives Every Southerner Needs

Handy blades for the woods, water, kitchen, and pocket

The Wild South

A Plea for Florida

Dying manatees, red tide, washed-up fish—the Sunshine State is at a tipping point