The Editors

A collage of three photos. On the right a cardinal, on the left a bird with red speckles, in the center a clear bird feeder with a camera attached.


A smart bird feeder, a bounty of garden seeds, avian artwork, and more thoughtful finds to delight both birders and feathered friends

A triptych of three images: a husky; diners in a restaurant window; a plate of saucy wings


OK, so a team from the South didn’t make it. Here’s why we’re watching anyway


Editors, contributors, and Southern booksellers share the new novels, fresh nonfiction, and even a couple of cookbooks at the top of their book stacks

Arts & Culture

No. 1: You could win $10,000

Arts & Culture

Our noses know honeysuckle, magnolia, fried chicken, and…


Editors and contributors share the trusty tools that help them become better green-thumbs


We’re feeling thankful for writers, photographers, and this year’s generous haul of new novels, reported stories, riveting tell-alls, and beautiful photography books


The year was delicious in the kitchen for Southerners

Home & Garden

A sampling of goods created with Southern craftsmanship available at Fieldshop by Garden & Gun

Arts & Culture

Remembering the Garden & Gun contributing editor, who since 2008 crafted some of the magazine’s most popular stories, in her The High and the Low column and beyond

From the Editors

G&G’s statement about recent events

Arts & Culture

Our ultimate wish list—because sometimes a bagel or a poodle just won’t do

Arts & Culture

G&G editors share some of what went into producing the “Saving the South” issue


A sampling of tunes from the late singer’s abundant catalog


G&G’s new trivia game was made with Southerners in mind. Take this quiz, with questions from the game, to see how much you know about the region

Food & Drink

One great way to help preserve Southern culture is to start at home—by reviving traditional family-favorite recipes. These are three of ours

Arts & Entertainment

Twenty of the most-read items published this year on

Gift Guide

Here’s what G&G staffers hope to find under the tree

Southern Focus

North Carolina artist Maya Freelon one of dozens of women featured in G&G’s new book

The Goods

Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month with these brown-water bells and whistles