Southern Agenda

The Crepe Beyond

Nestled along the Chesapeake Bay, the tiny town of Easton received a dose of French charm with the recent opening of P. Bordier, a creperie and patisserie. The cuisine hearkens back to Brittany, a hilly French peninsula known as the birthplace of the crepe. The restaurant uses Le Beurre Bordier butter, exclusively made in Brittany, and menu highlights include sweet, zingy citrus crepes, as well as savory buckwheat crepes with ham, Brie, chive butter, and mustard crème. “When I was asked to design the restaurant, my imagination immediately flew to Paris,” says interior designer Shaun Jackson. With a cozy 315 square feet to work with, Jackson layered rose-hued wallpaper with lush tropical imagery, custom millwork, and checkerboard floors. A glass case teems with tarts and pastries such as the Cherry, an oversize confection filled with cherry compote, kirsch mousse, and devil’s food cake.