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The Queen of Cross Creek

Beyond The Yearling, a new biography unearths the real Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

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Southern Style

Keepsake Keepers

Timeless options for showcasing the mementos of your life

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A Photographer’s View of the South

In a new book, William Abranowicz shares powerful images of Southern places

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Let Your Walls Bloom with Southern Botanical Art

Turn over a new leaf with these three sources for beautiful paintings and pressings

End of the Line

Play Ball!

Recollections from spring on the diamond

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How You Can Help Texans in Need

A list of on-the-ground relief efforts for those affected by the devastating extreme winter weather in Texas

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The Bold Beginnings of F&W Style

The daughter of a Nigerian designer, Alexandria Alli launched her Technicolor handbag line to outfit women with confidence and color

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Celebrate This Valentine’s Day with Cockroaches and a Rat Cake

This San Antonio Zoo fundraiser lets you pay to have a cockroach named after an ex and fed to a hungry animal

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Eau de Chapeau

Cap care, wasp upsides, and Mardi Gras at home

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Unearthing the Art of Cora Kelley Ward

A cache of paintings by the unsung Louisiana artist leads the author on a yearslong journey to fill in the details of her unconventional life—and understand why her work grabbed him and wouldn’t let go

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Meet the Mississippi Novelist Taking On F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Mississippi author Michael Farris Smith shares an imaginative new take on The Great Gatsby, plus the books he’s been reading and the bourbon he’s been drinking

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Style Director Haskell Harris on G&G’s Instagram

Shop the items seen in Haskell Harris’s videos

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How the South Is Rocketing NASA to the Moon—and Beyond

From the Artemis moonshot, to the new Space Command, to the mission to Mars, the South is the center of the universe

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The Wildly Creative Way New Orleans is Celebrating Mardi Gras

If parades can’t roll and we can’t leave the house, we’ll make Mardi Gras happen in—and on—our own homes

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Why Do King Cakes Have Plastic Babies Hidden Inside?

A look at how the Mardi Gras tradition came to be (and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with baby Jesus)

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A 2021 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Celebrate the ones you love with a token of your affection

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Brevard, North Carolina’s White Squirrel Says Winter Will Continue

If you’re placing bets, Pisgah Pete also made a Super Bowl prediction

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My Old Corn-Tucky Home

Cornhole is having a moment—and Kentuckians are leading the way


Grains of Gold

A new relative of Carolina Gold rice crops up


Bluffton, South Carolina

Artist in Residence | Elisabeth Rose & Aesthet

Elisabeth Connolly hosts a week of workshops at Palmetto Bluff