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End of the Line

Fish Food

Getting to the bottom of bait and crackers

The High & The Low

Food Memories from the South (of France)

When you’re eating—and drinking—well, every bite leads to another memory

Ask G&G

The Tao of Quail

Aerial maneuvers, Delaware claims, and football rivalry niceties

S is for Southern

A Brief Guide to Southernisms

The first rule: Include canines

Arts & Culture

A Dip into Southern Mermaid History

At 78, the oldest still-performing siren shares stories of Florida’s Weeki Wachee mermaids


Sculptor Ashley Pridmore’s Wild Talent

A New Orleans artist breathes new life into death

The High & the Low

Man Up: How to be a True Gentleman

In praise of good Southern men

Southern Women

Tig Notaro’s Southern Sense of Humor

The comedian reflects on Mississippi, motherhood, and the charm of eccentricity

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Arts & Culture

Jack Leigh’s Lens on Summer in the South

The Savannah native had a knack for memorializing the Southern sensations of heat and humidity

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Arts & Culture

Dive In: Get Your Feet Wet with Underwater Photos

Just looking at Charleston-based photographer Leigh Webber’s underwater photos makes it feel 10 degrees cooler. Enjoy a whole new perspective on summer, and learn how she captures these images.

Ask G&G

To Pour, or Not to Pour (the Good Stuff)

Sharing spirits, dodging beards, and outsmarting snakes

End of the Line

A Gusty Proposal

Whipping up some enthusiasm for one of life’s elemental pleasures

The High & The Low

The Southern Name Game

Making sense of Southern appellations and sobriquets

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Arts & Culture

Pirouettes and Pups

Two photographers travel the country to photograph ballerinas alongside man’s best friend


G&G’s Whole Hog Podcast

Listen to the brand new podcast from the editors and tastemakers of Garden & Gun

Weekend Agenda

A Beloved Austin Park Branches Out

The North Carolina “stick artist” Patrick Dougherty weaves his spell in the Lone Star State

Ask G&G

Wedge Issue

Golf cheaters, heirloom fatigue, and peach thieves

End of the Line

Food for Thought

Finding wisdom on the walls… and in the sides

Arts & Culture

The Saga of the Tybee Bomb

In the late 1950s, a U.S. Air Force B-47 on a training mission jettisoned a hydrogen bomb somewhere in the ocean near Savannah. Sixty years later, steeped in local lore and Cold War intrigue, Tybee’s “broken arrow” remains one of the great Southern mysteries


(Tar) Heel to Toe

A North Carolina native taps into the future of dance