Southern Myths

The South’s Own Loch Ness Monster?

Since the early 1800s, something strange has haunted the waters of Georgia’s Altamaha River

Land & Conservation

Watch Now: Osprey Chick’s First Days

Raptors care for their newborn on Skidaway Island, Georgia

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Arts & Culture

Long Before Selfies, There Were Fishing Snapshots

A selection of images from the book People Fishing: A Century of Photographs, co-written by Levine and Paige Ramey.

S is for Southern

Turkey Hunting: A (Humorous) Primer

The joys and pains of trying to bag a gobbler


A Big Race in a Small Boat

Competitors captain skiffs on a grueling circuit around Florida to benefit coastal conservation

Good Dogs

Woody the Very Good Rescue Dog

A family’s yellow Lab plunged into frigid water to save a boater outside Savannah

Good Dog

The Buddy System

A high-strung mutt learns to relax, with a little help from a friend


Granddad’s Gun

A Georgia quail hunter keeps a family legacy alive

Land & Conservation

Must-See Osprey TV

Two raptors—and their eggs—maintain a mesmerizing perch on the Georgia coast

Good Dogs

Shelter Dog Showdown

The Hallmark Channel gives lovable—and adoptable—mutts and mixed breeds a chance to shine in the cutest competition on cable

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Arts & Culture

A Photographer’s Ode to the Longleaf Pine

Good Dogs

Will a Southern Breed Win Westminster This Year?

No breed from below the Mason-Dixon has ever won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show—yet

Southern Myths

Do Cougars Roam the Smoky Mountains?

Conventional wisdom declared the big cats extinct long ago. But a number of recent sightings in Tennessee reveals they may be returning—or never left

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Southeastern Wildlife Exposition: Charleston’s Big Weekend


Crash Course

Far from the TV cameras and multinational corporate sponsors, a North Carolina writer finds racing’s mud-splattered heart amid spray paint, smashups, and retooled junkers on a dirt track in the middle of a soybean field


A Boat to See Me Home

The life story of one author could be stitched together by the boats that he’s owned—nearly seventy in as many years. But one sailboat in particular has led the fleet all along


Inside Look: First-Class Sporting Grounds at Reynolds Lake Oconee

The resort’s new compound—complete with clays, five stand, archery, and more—brings a bit of Britain to Georgia

Sporting Scene

Search and Decoy

The Chesapeake’s riches inspire a young Virginia carver

The Manual of Southern Know-How

How to Train Your Own Gun Dog

Get your bird every time by laying a strong foundation

The Manual of Southern Know-How

How to Cast into the Wind

A champion angler on the secret to working a breeze in your favor