Charleston, South Carolina

Fieldshop Pop-in: Bibelot

Shop antiques, art, and home goods sourced around the globe at this special in-store event

Bibelot sources its antiques, artwork, and vintage home goods from all over the world, resulting in a true treasure trove of curated goods. Meet founder Helen Rutledge and discover an array of wonders at this special event. 

Learn more about Bibelot.


Thursday, May 20: 4PM-7PM

Friday, May 21 – Saturday, May 22: 10AM-6PM

Sunday, May 23: 11AM-5PM

Wednesday, May 26: 3PM-6PM

Thursday, May 27- Saturday, May 29: 10AM-6PM

Sunday, May 30: 11AM-5PM

Note: Fieldshop complies with all state COVID-19 protocols, including limiting the number of guests, wearing masks, and maintaining proper social distancing. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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