Charleston, South Carolina

The History of Sporting Landscapes

Cocktails & Conservation with G&G as part of SEWE weekend

Duck hunters in the Southeast have watched the skies over rice fields for generations. Underneath those skies is a story of a landscape built by the enslaved for the production of rice that changed the course of history for both man and animal.

Join G&G, Synovus, and Blade and Bow at this SEWE weekend event that expands on this story through the perspectives of Ducks Unlimited, Nemours Wildlife Foundation, and Lowcountry Land Trust  with G&G‘s editor in chief, David DiBenedetto. The discussion will explore this extraordinary agricultural landscape and the work of duck hunters and landowners in the past century into making the Southern sporting land one of the greatest conservation stories in North America.

Along with the conversation, enjoy bourbon cocktails and a special giveaway from Synovus at the G&G headquarters in the historic Cigar Factory.