The Wild South, a Podcast from G&G

A new podcast hosted by Dave DiBenedetto and Eddie Nickens, featuring conversations with sportsmen and sportswomen in the South and beyond

David DiBenedetto and T. Edward Nickens with two dogs, one of which is licking Nickens

DiBenedetto (left) and Nickens in the field.

The Wild South features conversations with legends of the sporting world—from fishing and hunting guides to artists and wild game chefs—and dives deep into conservation issues as well as entertaining stories–of success and failure—from the field.

Hosted by editor in chief David DiBenedetto and contributing editor T. Edward Nickens, the Wild South leaves no kudzu leaf unturned to bring you fresh perspectives and insights about the land we love. Presented in partnership with Duck Camp.

Season 1 episodes will appear each Tuesday.

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Episode 4: Tom Rosenbauer, Fly Fishing Guru

Dave and Eddie talk with Tom Rosenbauer, the renowned fly fisherman who has spent forty-eight years with Orvis, written more than thirty books, and hosts a popular podcast. Rosenbauer discusses getting his start at Orvis, why he’s obsessed with carp, his role in bringing the bead head fly to the United States, and the work being done to save the Everglades.

See photos, episode notes, and transcript.

Episode 3: Mike Chamberlain, Wild Turkey Expert

Dave and Eddie talk with wild turkey biologist Mike Chamberlain about threats to the birds’ populations and the ways regulators, conservationists, and sportsmen and sportswomen are working to keep their numbers healthy. They also discuss ethical quandaries they and others face as turkey hunters. The episode is an edited version of a conversation held before a live audience at the G&G offices as part of the 2023 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.

See photos, episode notes, and transcript.

Episode 2: Hilary Hutcheson, Fishing Guide and Environmental Advocate

Dave and Eddie talk with guide and environmental advocate Hilary Hutcheson, who grew up on the rivers of her home state of Montana, continues to guide there, and is a leading voice in raising awareness of how climate change is affecting North America’s fishing heritage. The mother of three grown children has fished all over the world (with a soft spot for the South), has testified before a Senate committee about the state of fisheries across the country, and is an ambassador for several of the biggest names in the sporting world. But there’s one dream she’s not been able to make come true: noodling a catfish.

See photos, episode notes, and transcript.

Episode 1: Flip Pallot, Legendary Fisherman

In the inaugural episode, Dave and Eddie talk with world-renowned outdoorsman Flip Pallot about his time as a young boy growing up in a small, wild town called Miami, his breakthrough TV show, how he casts with a fly rod differently than most anglers, and why watching as many sunrises and sunsets in a single lifetime is a pursuit worth beginning at any age.

See photos, episode notes, and transcript.


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Producer and editor: Christine Fennessy
Music: Woody Platt and Bennett Sullivan
Artwork: Lars Leetaru
Transcripts editor: Katherine Jarvis