From Holiday to Forever Home

Alys Beach invites visitors to consider an extended stay

The Sunset Terrace of the owner-exclusive Beach Club at Alys Beach.

Alys Beach glistens in the distance as you drive on Northwest Florida’s Scenic Highway 30A along the Emerald Coastline. The white masonry buildings dot the landscape underneath brilliant blue skies. The small-town atmosphere permeates every facet of the community, with winding pedestrian paths, small pockets of green grass, the owner-exclusive Beach Club, and unique shops and restaurants that tumble toward the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

Over the past few years, real estate development along 30A has been booming. But Alys Beach hasn’t been in a rush, eschewing fast-and-furious development for a more thoughtful, sustainable approach. The master planning of the town dictates a more phased plan for real estate development, building out sections over time in a cohesive manner consistent with Alys Beach’s hallmark New Urbanist design, one that marries Moorish and Mediterranean elements with the character of Bermuda and the city of Antigua, Guatemala.

No wonder this dreamland appeals to vacationers looking for a taste of modern coastal comfort. For those seeking to experience the Alys Beach community, the best way to get a feel for the town and its luxe charm is through its rental program. From the moment guests arrive at Alys Beach, they are transported to a world where life seems a bit slower, with an air of effortlessness all around. Rental guests can experience the Alys Beach lifestyle, whether in a home or a condominium, with access to refined amenities, curated shops in Town Center, exceptional dining and drinks, and of course, the exquisite beaches that draw visitors from around the country. But if you’re longing for something a little more long-term, there’s never been a better time to make Alys Beach a permanent home.

Photo: Courtesy of Alys Beach

A rendering of The Lena condominium designed by Hart Howerton.

Condominium living along the Florida Gulf Coast is nothing new, but Alys Beach’s approach to development is unorthodox. Multiple architects are involved in the design process, giving each new building a certain flair while maintaining the cohesion of the sun-drenched white walls. With that ethos in mind, Alys Beach welcomes prospective buyers to a unique opportunity for home ownership with the development of condominiums and townhouses in proximity to The Beach Club and Plaza, and Town Center. The amenity-rich condominiums and townhouses will be available as several options: The Lena, The August and The Nora, The Dannelly and The Varian, and the townhouses of Somersisle Terrace.

Situated across from The Beach Club, The Lena embodies the delight and elegance of coastal living at Alys Beach. Generous covered terraces provide front-row seats to daily life on the beach-front Plaza while capturing stunning views of the Gulf ’s emerald-blue waters. Gracious open plans have been thoughtfully crafted for comfort and light—each a sun-filled oasis for the perfect home away from home.

Photo: Courtesy of Alys Beach

Bath house urn on Golf Green.

With its three-facade triangular structure on West 22nd Street in Manhattan, the Flatiron is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. With the new developments, The August and The Nora, Alys Beach has taken inspiration from the big city to create a sleek, modern neighborhood. Located in an urban setting, the buildings’ most desirable feature may be their narrow ends with large round porches. The two stand on their own, making every residence a corner unit, each with nearly floor-to-ceiling windows and two street exposures. And once inside, there is little sense of adjacent residences.

New options to make Alys Beach home don’t end with these recent developments. The Dannelly and The Varian buildings take everything residents love about Alys Beach—its culture, old-world influences, and civic center—and combine that with a clear vision for its future. The Dannelly and The Varian serve as anchor to the heart of Alys Beach, a social center with rich shopping and restaurant experiences, with a tower at the southwest corner of The Dannelly. This area is the crossroads connecting the town square back to the neighborhood to the north and future development to the east, creating a courtyard between The Dannelly and The Varian that will be a significant pedestrian gateway to the core of Alys Beach. The Varian defines the eastern wall of the town center and is primarily west facing. The Cuban and Caribbean details lead to a steeply vaulted arcade in front of ground-floor retail spaces and the shutter-screened balcony porches on each level of residences above.

Photo: Courtesy of Alys Beach

Rendering of the Somersisle Terrace townhouses designed by Khoury Vogt Architects.

On Alys Beach’s South Somerset Street, which leads from the town center to the Gulf of Mexico, you’ll find Somersisle Terrace. Modeled after the grand eighteenth-century terrace row houses of Georgian London, the new townhouses rise four stories above an elevated stoop and landscaped dooryard. Second-floor living affords Gulf views from its front porch and balcony, while an elevated loggia, court, and pool on its westside allow you to enjoy the sunset. Four-bedroom suites are distributed on three floors, with the principal suite afforded a private porch and balcony above a common one below. Above it all, a generous fourth floor sky terrace offers panoramic views overlooking the town and Gulf on all sides.

Once you’re in Alys Beach, you’ll never want to leave. And with these new offerings for ownership, Alys Beach can help turn your dreams into a reality.


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