Southern Style

How to Set a Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table

Little things done right enhance a holiday tablescape

Photo: Alice Gao

• Holding Pattern Every piece designed by Astier de Villatte, including this stunning platter, gets made by hand in Paris using black terra-cotta coated with a signature white glaze. No two look exactly alike, and the distinctive geometric edge sets off the turkey with flair. ($221;

Photo: Alice Gao

Salt and pepper shakers add a dash of panache (clockwise from top):

• Wood of Wonder Beech-and-brass lookers by Chiarugi, of Florence, Italy, bring organic elegance to the table ($262;
Light and Dark White marble cellars and polished black horn pinch bowls and spoons (bottom left) from Birmingham, Alabama’s Hammett offer modern alternatives to conventional sets ($40 and $35, respectively;
Half Shell The jewelry designer Gogo Ferguson’s imagination doesn’t stop at personal adornment—she takes inspiration from her home on Cumberland Island, Georgia, to dream up pieces for tabletops, too, such as this oyster saltcellar ($80;
Magic Mushrooms Nod to nature with this lifelike pewter duo by Vagabond House ($51;
Bella Baubles Evoking Italian columns, this ceramic set by Vietri can bolster the everyday as well as it can the big holidays ($74;

Photo: Alice Gao

Dapper and droll napkin offerings for cocktails and dinner (clockwise from top left):

Full Deck The Avenue makes simple squares of linen decidedly playful with embroidered spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts ($75 for four;
Dream Weaving The ancient tradition of ikat weaving can be traced to sixth-century India, where today rural artisans create these lovely pink or blue dinner napkins for Soil to Studio ($56 for four;
Signature Look This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Leontine Linens in New Orleans—all the more reason to heighten the glamour of dinner napkins with a monogram in the Sylvie or Sarah fonts shown here (from $75;
Witty Banter Every Southern home bar needs a stash of paper cocktail napkins emblazoned with something funny or irreverent—or both, as with the Southern-sayings options from Fieldshop ($12 for twenty-five;

Photo: Alice Gao

The next generation of candles break the mold (clockwise from top):

Sylvan Linings The artisans at Stick Candles in North Carolina use beeswax to hand cast candles from native trees, such as this design from a cedar bough ($38 for two;
Bubbly Personality Shake up occasions big and small with champagne-bottle-shaped candles from Houses & Parties ($72;
Super Spire This eighteen-inch option by the Floral Society, molded by hand in a subtle shade of peachy pink, creates instant drama ($37 for two;
All-in-Ones Both an all-wax play on a traditional candle and candlestick by Ontwerpduo and a shocking pink twister by the artist Lex Pott bring the funk ($28 and $40, respectively;

Photo: Alice Gao

A place for everyone, and everyone has a place (clockwise from top left):

Casual Vibes Woven rattan designs by Mark D. Sikes for Blue Pheasant dial down the formality of place-card holders ($36 for four;
Circle Game Aerin’s understated golden orbs won’t distract from the gorgeous flowers and delicious food ($150 for four;
Winging It A smattering of colorful ceramic bugs (including this dragonfly) from Houses & Parties make for surprising—and whimsical—holders ($162 each;
State of Pine These pine cone holders by L’Objet, plated in twenty-four-karat gold, look equal parts rustic and refined ($195 for six;
Frill Seeker This OKA holder perfectly plays on the fact that feathers and Thanksgiving go together like the holiday and a certain bird ($50 for four;