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The Simple Magic of Fresh Dog Food

With fresh and healthy meals, The Farmer’s Dog is changing the face of dog food—one bowl at a time

Photo: Courtesy of The Farmer's Dog

It’s no secret that we Southerners love our dogs, and as we would for any member of the family, we only want the best for them. It was this sort of loving care that Brett Podolsky had in mind when he joined forces with Jonathan Regev to found The Farmer’s Dog—a service that delivers freshly made, pre-portioned meals straight to customers’ doors. Podolsky knew that all dogs have their own set of needs, and that some, including his beloved rottweiler, Jada, have trouble with typical store-bought dog food. After finding that the only meals she could happily stomach were those he cooked for her in his own kitchen, Podolsky questioned why so many dogs were eating highly processed kibble rather than actual food. Soon the idea was born: a way to make fresh dog food more easily accessible, encouraging sustainable health and wellness in the process.

Photo: Courtesy of The Farmer's Dog

Brett Podolsky and Jonathan Regev with Jada and Buddy.

The Farmer’s Dog launched in 2014, and as more families tried the meals, the success stories began to pour in. Take Siberian husky Tikaani. Memphis natives Bryan and Kira Bailey adopted him as a ten-week-old in September 2018, and from the day the pup came into their lives, he suffered from severe digestive issues, leaving him weak and listless. As a canine pharmacotherapy behaviorist and cofounder (with Kira) of behavioral school Taming the Wild, Bryan had devoted his career to work and research with dogs, and he’d never seen a case like it. The couple consulted countless vets and nutritionists, trying some twenty dog foods with no relief—Tikaani was still suffering. “It was like the old nursery rhyme, ‘all the king’s horses and all the king’s men,’” Bryan says. “He was wasting away right before our eyes, and no one could figure out why.”

Months passed, and Bryan and Kira were losing hope. “Considering Tikaani’s quality of life, we came to the decision that it was time to put him down,” Bryan says. One day, however, he came across an ad for The Farmer’s Dog and placed an order on a whim. Almost immediately, the change in Tikaani was astounding. Within three days of feeding him the brand’s turkey recipe, Tikaani was up and moving as the Baileys had never seen. After just three weeks, his health had completely turned around. “His light was back on. He was alive,” Bryan remarks. “And not only did it work, but it’s sustainable. He’s been big, strong, and beautiful ever since.” But The Farmer’s Dog isn’t just for sick pups. Indeed, even healthy dogs have experienced dramatic improvements in their well-being after making the switch, with many owners reporting regular bowel movements, shinier coats, and more energy.

Photo: Courtesy of The Farmer's Dog

Tikaani photographed in 2019.

The magic is in a simple, back-to-basics approach. The Farmer’s Dog meals are created with a team of board-certified veterinary nutritionists, each featuring a simple recipe of human-grade meat and vegetables with a custom nutrient blend for a complete, balanced diet. Customers fill out an online questionnaire, and a custom meal plan is tailored to their pup’s breed, weight, activity level, and health restrictions. The food is then shipped within days of preparation in USDA-certified kitchens, always hyperfresh and preservative-free.

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” and The Farmer’s Dog makes it easier than ever to fill your pup’s diet with pure, simple fuel for longer, happier adventures. For a limited time, Garden & Gun readers receive a special 60 percent discount on their first order. Click here to get started.

Photo: Courtesy of The Farmer's Dog

Healthy, fresh food made specifically for your dog.