A Banana Daiquiri to Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Plus, the tastemakers India Hicks and David Flint Wood share refreshing hospitality ideas in a beautiful new book

Photo: Courtesy of Rizzoli

Beauty and down-to-earth elegance mark every moment of hospitality created by the British tastemaker and designer India Hicks. In her new book, An Entertaining Story, Hicks and her longtime partner, David Flint Wood, who split their time between Britain and the Bahamas, share tips and ideas for entertaining with humor and generous fun. “We have drinks by a roaring fire on a Sunday morning in England or drinks on a floating dock in the Bahamas in the evening,” Hicks writes. “If a floating dock is not available, I would encourage you to still think imaginatively about where you could possibly have a few friends over for a drink: a tree house in the garden, under the shade of a shed in the yard, or around an unusual table inside the home.”

photo: Courtesy of Rizzoli

The actress and model Brooke Shields, a close friend of Hicks’s, writes the book’s foreword, and in between recipes and entertaining tips, Hicks shares lively stories of some of the couple’s other famous friends—like the time Mick Jagger popped by and “we ended up cross-legged on the floor around a short table in our sitting room,” Hicks writes, “drinking and playing Jenga and eating from a platter of random delights I had managed to pull together.” 

This simple and refreshing banana daiquiri recipe comes by way of Wood’s memories. “My oldest friend and I used to stop at the Traveller’s tavern on West Bay Street in Nassau, where we would drink banana daiquiris and play Connect 4 while waiting for the plane to London,” he shares. Hicks and Wood still make this fruity, refreshing drink to toast with friends.


    • Juice of 1 Persian lime or 3 key limes

    • 1 tbsp. brown sugar

    • 2–3 bananas

    • “Generous amount of golden rum, and then some more.”


  1. Fill a blender with ice. Add all ingredients. Blend until the ice is crushed. Begin playing Connect 4 (optional).

Recipe from An Entertaining Story by India Hicks