Diamondback No.5

A new version of Baltimore’s classic Diamondback

Photo: Jason Varney

Once upon a time, Maryland was the cradle of rye whiskey in the United States. Prohibition put an end to that, but today at Rye, in Baltimore, bartender Doug Atwell pays tribute to the Charm City with his version of the classic Diamondback, which was named after the now-shuttered Diamondback Lounge in the Lord Baltimore hotel. Made with Pikesville rye, brandy, and two types of liqueurs, it packs plenty of flavor—and a healthy kick. “It’s a pretty stiff drink,” Atwell says. “The original would’ve been made with crushed ice, which would have diluted it. We stir it for a long time before we serve it.”


    • 2 oz. Pikesville rye whiskey

    • 3/4 oz. Laird's bonded apple brandy

    • 3/4 oz. yellow Chartreuse liqueur

    • Art in the Age's Root liqueur

    • Sugar cube

    • Lemon peel


  1. Combine rye, brandy, and Chartreuse in a mixing glass.
 Add ice and stir. Rinse a chilled rocks glass with Root liqueur, discarding excess. Place a sugar cube in the glass with a splash of water, and muddle. Strain in rye mixture and garnish with a large swath of lemon peel.

Recipe from Doug Atwell of Rye in Baltimore, Maryland.