Otter pups on a swing

Land & Conservation

The six youngsters enjoy wrestling, playing chase, bothering mom, taking naps, and eating treats at their coastal South Carolina home

A male painted bunting

Land & Conservation

A songbird that looks dipped in paint, a delicate pink wader, and an iridescent duck—learn what gives these beautiful birds their color, plus how to spot them

A full grown black cat with yellow eyes sticking her pink tongue out.

Arts & Culture

A kitten on a South Carolina back road changed everything I thought about felines

A yellow bird sits in the branches of a tree

Land & Conservation

My quest to identify an ultra-rare species in my Charleston yard attracted birders from near and far—and sparked unexpected, shared joy

Giant panda eats bamboo shoot.


The animals head back to China this year, bringing the city’s twenty-five-year bear love affair to a close

A black-chinned hummingbird in flight

Land & Conservation

An unlikely team opens a window into the secret lives of the tiny animals


Plus more special sounds as Smithsonian Folkways Recordings marks seventy-five years


Where they are, how to identify them, and reasons not to kill them

Land & Conservation

Raise a toast to all the mothers—not just the human ones—who make it happen for their kids


And other important writing and animal advice from the author Susan Orlean, whose new book, On Animals, is out now