The Wild South

The Art of the Hand-Carved Turkey Decoy?

Though still rare as hen’s teeth, hand-carved wooden turkey decoys might just be ready for their moment


Cameron McIntyre’s One-of-a-Kind Decoys

The Virginia artist carries on the legacy of the master carvers of old. He lives much like them, too

The Wild South

An Award-Winning Decoy Carver with a Sense of Humor

Meet the Woodie Nelson decoy and more of Jason Patrick Chuley’s over-the-top spinning-wing creations


Chipping Away at the Old Blocks

Whether you find one or carve it yourself, every wooden decoy holds a little magic

Sporting Scene

Search and Decoy

The Chesapeake’s riches inspire a young Virginia carver

The Sporting South

Carving a Legacy

For a son of the Chesapeake, crafting duck decoys carries on a connection to a golden age of waterfowling—and a sacred family tradition

Made in the South

Handcrafted Decoy Ducks

In the South Carolina Lowcountry, a devoted duck hunter carves hollow-bodied decoys loaded with history



VIDEO: The Art of the Duck Decoy

Head into the shop with decoy maker Tom Boozer

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Made in the South

Decoy Ducks with History

A look at the hollow-bodied decoys made by South Carolina craftsman Tom Boozer

Made in the South

The Call Master

A North Carolina woodworker crafts one-of-a-kind birdcalls