A morning sky with ducks in flight; a body of water below shows ducks on the water

The Wild South

Duck Season Preview

What the numbers from this year’s waterfowl survey mean for ducks and duck hunters

Sporting Scene

Duck Calls with a Pappy Pedigree

The new calls will turn heads and ducks alike—while supporting conservation efforts

Sporting Scene

Hardworking Wooden Decoys

Replacing the plastic decoys with a few custom heirlooms

The Wild South

In Praise of the Spoonie

Why the humble northern shoveler doesn’t deserve its bad rap


Dazzling Duck Calls

Josh Raggio brings his talent and vision to Main Street in Raymond, Mississippi


The Ducks of Home

A few classic Southern haunts—and their challenges—call one lifelong waterfowl hunter back season after season


To Russia and Back: The Incredible Journey of a Pintail Duck

New data reveals flight trajectories far beyond what researchers previously imagined

The Wild South

Duck Season Preview

Breaking down what the latest survey numbers reveal for Southern waterfowl hunters

The Wild South

Late-Season Duck Report

A waterfowler’s dispatch on what this year has brought—and hasn’t brought—for Southern duck hunters

Sporting South

An Arkansas Hunting Lodge That’s Changing the Game

For Jonathan Wilkins, the trips he organizes through his Black Duck Revival in Arkansas aren’t about guarded spots, bragging rights, or limiting out on game. They’re about giving everyone a taste of the hunt

The Wild South

The South’s Disappointing Duck Season

For many Southern duck hunters, this season has been full of empty skies


A Waterfowler’s Paradise in Texas

A new lodge on a sprawling ranch is equal parts haven and sumptuous retreat


Where Waterfowling Is a Family Affair

At a historic duck camp on the Chesapeake Bay, a family has made it its mission to introduce new hunters to waterfowling, while instilling a conservation ethic that will carry the next generation

The Wild South

Why Eastern Mallards Need Help

A look at the new mallard bag limits for duck hunters along the Atlantic Flyway

The Sporting South

Carving a Legacy

For a son of the Chesapeake, crafting duck decoys carries on a connection to a golden age of waterfowling—and a sacred family tradition

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Explore the Santee Delta

Spend a day in the duck blind on South Carolina’s Santee Delta

Made in the South

Handcrafted Decoy Ducks

In the South Carolina Lowcountry, a devoted duck hunter carves hollow-bodied decoys loaded with history

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Made in the South

Decoy Ducks with History

A look at the hollow-bodied decoys made by South Carolina craftsman Tom Boozer

Food & Drink

Cast-Iron-Seared Duck Breasts with Orange-Ginger Marmalade

A sweet and savory duck crostini


For the Love of Ducks

Deep in Louisiana duck country, a hunting lodge marries a conservation ethic with creature comforts