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The Fight to Save Margaret’s Grocery

How a Mississippi photographer plans to resurrect the famed Mississippi folk art site


A Celebration of Southern Art

Art by—and for—the people

Southern Masters

Lonnie Holley

With a gift for seeing meaning in the things others throw away, Lonnie Holley is showing the art world that beauty is where you find it

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From the Mind of Lonnie Holley

A brief retrospective, with comments from the artist

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The Fantastical World of Frank Fleming

>Click here to read more about Frank Fleming and his unique artwork.

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The Fantastical World of Frank Fleming

How an Alabama sculptor eschewed the conventions of the art establishment, and in the process found beauty and his calling among the beasts

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The Talented Mr. Toye

The strange story of how William Toye might have forged hundreds of paintings, deceived prominent art collectors, and created a scandal around one of Louisiana’s greatest folk artists