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How to Be “Not That Fancy,” According to Reba McEntire

The country music superstar packs plenty of down-home recipes and advice into a new lifestyle book


Goat Pimento Cheese with Piparras Peppers and Fancy Country Ham

An awesome dip from Nashville’s Spread Market & Larder


Pickled Green Tomato and Marinated Feta Salad

A craveable side from Nashville’s Spread Market & Larder


Sourdough with Cultured Butter and Spicy Sardines

A toothsome starter from Nashville’s Spread Market & Larder

Food & Drink

A Peek Inside One of Nashville’s Most Charming Neighborhood Markets

Plus, three recipes from the folks behind Spread

Food & Drink

Five Must-Try Southern Apples

Cider and heirloom apple expert Diane Flynt, author of the new Wild, Tamed, Lost, Revived, shares some of her favorite varieties

Food & Drink

A Fresh Harvest of Fall Cookbooks

G&G contributors pick the food books they’re excited to devour this fall

Southern Conundrum

Rick Bragg’s Quandary: Can I Mess with My Grandma’s Secret Dressing Recipe?

A reverence for the family special is non-negotiable—but not everyone toes the line


Bite-Size Fritters for Apple Season

Drizzled with a caramelized apple cider glaze, these crispy treats are full of fall flavors


Dancing Bear Lodge’s Pecan Pie Martini

The ultimate fall dessert drink


Veggie Limpin’ Susan

A variation on a Carolina coastal favorite


Collard Greens and Rice Soup

Sure to be your new fall favorite


New Orleans Calas (Rice Fritters)

A sweet twist on brunch


The Simple Art of Rice

A new must-have for your cookbook collection

Food & Drink

Out of the Box: How Chef Troy Guard Got Hooked on a Jarred Texas Delicacy 

The Hawaiian-born restaurateur discovered Talk O’ Texas hot okra pickles as an adult, and it was love at first bite


Road Trip: Chasing the Blues through Mississippi and Beyond

A musical route from Memphis to Clarksdale to Florence to unforgettable


Susan Spicer’s Garlic Soup

Garlic lovers, this one’s for you

Food & Drink

The Strange, Salty Joy of Pickles at the Movies

In the South—especially in Texas—the briny snacks steal the spotlight

Food & Drink

Old Bay vs. J.O.: Marylanders Weigh In

Notes on a zesty rivalry

Food & Drink

Here Are Recipes for Every Way to Prepare Shrimp, According to Bubba in Forrest Gump

And a few more Bubba didn’t mention