A town square with a blue sky, fall trees, and cars on the road


Where to Hang Out in Harrisonburg, Home of James Madison University’s Red-Hot Dukes

ESPN College GameDay visited the Virginia college town last weekend. Here’s what to do there when you show up too

Southern Conundrum

Southern Conundrum: Football Ticket Faux Pas

Is it okay to give season tickets to opposing fans for a game?

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Meet Blackmon Huckabee Jr., Clemson’s Viral TikTok Crooner

A Tiger wide receiver scores big on SportsCenter—with his singing voice

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Three Tips for Surviving the Heat of Game Days

Advice from a lifelong (long-suffering) football fan


A Tribute to a Football-Loving Father

A new dad reflects on family, traditions, and the things we carry with us


Will Shaq Eat a Horned Frog?

A better question is, should Shaq eat a horned frog?


What Exactly Is a Horned Frog?

SuperFrog is ready for Monday’s big game between TCU and UGA. Here’s his backstory


These ER Docs Always Gather to Watch the Super Bowl on TV. This Year, They’ll Cheer Live in Tampa

The NFL gave tickets to frontline workers, including a crew of friends who met in Charlotte

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Super Southern Halftimes

Justin Timberlake’s got some stiff competition this weekend in the annals of Southern Super Bowl halftime shows

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Hugh Acheson’s Guide to Football Food

The Athens, Georgia, chef on setting out a winning spread

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Why You Should Pull for Alabama

Dynasties don’t last forever, so let’s roll with the Tide while we can

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Why You Should Pull for Georgia

These Dawgs are hungry, fresh, and fun to watch. How ’bout them?


Remembering College Football’s Most Lopsided Victory

Marking the anniversary of Georgia Tech’s 222–0 win over Cumberland University

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Frito Pie, Alabama-Style

Just don’t skimp on the fat in the roux


Vince Lombardi’s Southern Season

The Super Bowl trophy’s namesake spent his largely forgotten last season trying to turn a scruffy team of Southerners into NFL champions

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Southern Football by the Numbers

Breaking down the statistics behind the South’s powerhouse college teams

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Meet the Winningest Football Coach

Retired South Carolina high school legend John McKissick looks back at his storied career