fried chicken

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A Salad for All Seasons

At the Garden & Gun Club, refreshing greens and buttermilk fried chicken provide the foundation for a dish you can make all year long

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An Ode to Gas-Station Fried Chicken

…from a place that might surprise you

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G&G Readers Weigh In on the Best Fried Chicken Sandwich

Chick-fil-A? Popeyes? Sure, but there are plenty of others doing chicken right

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The South’s Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken

From regional favorites like Biscuitville to fast-food giants like Popeyes, here’s where the South’s top chefs and food authorities stop for the best ready-made bird

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KFC Introduces the…Bird Bath

Because who wouldn’t want to smell like Extra Crispy?

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Pickle-Brined Dipped Chicken

North Carolina’s answer to Nashville hot chicken

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Dipping into a Fried Chicken Tradition

At least one regional fried chicken tradition has yet to get its due: dipped chicken

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How to Make Classic Fried Chicken

A recipe from The Southerner’s Cookbook

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Five Southern Cooking Myths Debunked

Can you wash cast-iron cookware with soap?

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A Last Supper for Seven Sows

Chef Mike Moore’s favorite family recipes

Anatomy of a Classic

Fried Chicken with Crunch

An unconventional secret to perfectly crispy fried chicken

prince's hot chicken in nashville, tennessee

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Catching Up with the Queen of Hot Chicken

A conversation with Andre Prince Jeffries of Prince’s Hot Chicken

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The Secret to Ashley Christensen’s Fried Chicken

Raleigh's star chef shares her top five tips and coveted recipe