Food & Drink

The Velvet Hammer Cocktail

This adult milkshake is your new favorite nightcap

Food & Drink

Vera Stewart Shares Wisdom and Recipes from Her New Cookbook

The Southern culinary powerhouse on teaching, using the good silver, and what she’s learned from catering over one thousand weddings

Food & Drink

For Me, This New Atlanta Restaurant Tastes Like Home

Cheers to Chef Santiago Gomez and his restaurant Palo Santo

Arts & Culture

All Hail Cocaine Bear, Cinema’s Newest Steel Magnolia

Cocaine Bear is us, and we are Cocaine Bear (kind of)

Land & Conservation

The Okefenokee in Peril

Inside the fight to save one of the South’s ecological wonders


Where to Go in Savannah Now

The historic city feels fresher than ever thanks to a spate of buzzy newcomers

Arts & Culture

What Can We Learn from Flannery O’Connor’s Things?

The new Andalusia Interpretive Center offers a closer look at the author’s life and inspirations

Food & Drink

You Can Eat the Real Masters Pimento Cheese—and Other Iconic Menu Items—at Home This Year

The “Taste of the Masters” kits bring Augusta National’s classic menu to your Masters party

Land & Conservation

How to Disentangle a Forty-Foot Right Whale

Every winter, the coasts of Georgia and Florida become the front line in the fight to save a critically endangered species. A day in the life of the heroes doing the work

Land & Conservation

Remembering a Georgia Original: Okefenokee Joe

Dick Flood taught a generation of schoolkids the joy of snakes

Arts & Culture

What Do Sean Brock, the St. Louis Cardinals, and Mustache Champions All Have in Common? South Georgia Pine Tar

How a small family business has resurrected the golden age of turpentine

Home & Garden

A Winter-White Floral Arrangement with Palm Power

Atlanta floral designer Shean Strong shows how to makes the most of the cooler season


A Savannah Greenhouse Love Story

On a Georgia island, a greenhouse reflects a lifelong passion

Arts & Culture

UGA vs. TCU: Which Is the Real Cinderella Team?

Because for fans of this all-Southern showdown, winning the expectations game is half the battle

Food & Drink

Expert Selections from Atlanta’s New Cheese Shrine

Whether you’re crafting a charcuterie board or you simply want to make a top-notch grilled cheese, Capella Cheese has an inspired offering

Arts & Culture

Kirk Henriques Scratches Beneath the Surface

Through paint, power tools, and even a mop, the multidisciplinary Georgia artist carves his own identity

Food & Drink

The Story of Atlanta’s Burger Sensation

How a series of professional missteps—and an insatiable hunger for burgers—led Billy Kramer to launch NFA Burger. Plus, where the self-made chef will go next

Home & Garden

Make a Truly Southern Holiday Centerpiece with Magnolias

A how-to with the Atlanta floral designer Shean Strong

Southern Style

In Praise of Wearing Your Most Precious Jewelry

The Atlanta jeweler Mary Frances Maker celebrates—and sometimes repurposes–heirloom pieces

13 Slideshow

G&G Party Pics

10th Annual G&G Shoot

G&G hosted its 10th annual sporting clays tournament at Barnsley Resort