Shotgun Camp: Sea Island Shooting School

Sea Island, Georgia


Farm Stay: Serenbe

Enjoy a simpler way of life in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia


Barbecue 101: Pork U

A college of barbecue knowledge in Marietta, Georgia


Raising Cane: Georgia’s Richland Rum

A Georgia microdistillery shakes up the rum trade

smoked barbecue bloody mary recipe


A Smokin’ Good Bloody

One Atlanta bartender shares his recipe for a delicious Bloody Mary

Home & Garden

A Thomasville Wedding

In Georgia, two far-flung families come together for a very Southern good time

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A Thomasville Wedding

Take an inside look into Megan Ferguson and Nico Evers-Swindell’s Georgia wedding

Land & Conservation

Ted Turner: Going Native

Ted Turner’s latest acquisition is the nearly nine-thousand-acre Nonami Plantation, near Albany, Georgia. And like the other 2.1 million acres he owns, he wants to keep it untamed


In Georgia: The Next Oil Barons

Georgia farmers produce the South’s newest cash crop


A Southern Restoration: Cabin Fever

For thirty years one couple has poured labor and love into the restoration of four antebellum dwellings near Madison, Georgia

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A Look Inside: Cabin Fever

Take a closer look at John and Carolyn Malone’s restored antebellum dwellings near Madison, Georgia

In the Garden

The Caretakers

How a Georgia couple keeps the legacy of an Athens landscape alive and blooming

Arts & Culture

The Lost Pilot

Paul Redfern disappeared more than ninety years ago. His fate remains a mystery


New Year’s Punch That Packs a Wallop

Chatham Artillery Punch is a traditional (and potent) champagne punch from Savannah

Anatomy of a Classic

Bourbon Pecan Pie

It’s hard to beat a fresh pecan pie, unless you add a little bourbon


Homeward Bound

After years of visiting the same spot in rural Georgia, a family builds a dream farm among the oaks

Arts & Culture

Dawg Town

Where do music, food, and football come together? Athens, Georgia


Casting a Spell

Bamboo fly rod maker Bill Oyster and best-selling author George Black fish the beautiful Soque River in North Georgia

Home & Garden

Davis Love’s Wild Side

When he needs to get away from golf, Davis Love heads to his 2,890-acre spread on the Georgia coast, which he’s turned into the ultimate sporting retreat


Horse Sense

An Atlanta architect sets a new standard for equestrian centers