A Guide to Knoxville, Beyond the College Hangouts

The artsy college town offers abundant diversions for visitors who don’t pay tuition


This Little Bar in Tennessee Brings Big Italian Spirit

Knoxville’s Brother Wolf shares Southern hospitality, aperitivo culture, and here, a surprising triple-amaro cocktail recipe

Home & Garden

Planting a Pollinator’s Paradise

A Knoxville couple creates a garden for bees and butterflies on long-held family land


Hatching the South’s Rarest Fish

Tennessee biologists race to save the tiny, endangered—and stunningly beautiful—residents of our waters

Food & Drink

Peyton Manning Brings Back Cheese Bings

The beloved Old College Inn snack returns to the legendary quarterback’s new Knoxville bar

College Football Traditions

“Sailgating” on the Tennessee River

Tie up your boat with the University of Tennessee’s Vol Navy, where everyone’s welcome and the party lasts all season long

My Town

Coach Phillip Fulmer’s Knoxville, Tennessee

The Volunteers’ former coach and current athletic director on the must-visit spots in a city he’s called home for decades

Arts & Culture

Have You Heard about Knoxville’s Big Ears?

Coming up this week: An avant-garde music festival you really can’t miss

City Portrait

Knoxville’s Sweet Tune

Musically rich and blissfully glam-free, Knoxpatch hits all the right notes