Peter Frank Edwards

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Debating Easter’s two mains: ham versus lamb

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Look through fifty of the best moments captured on the pages of G&G this year

Food & Drink

An at-home hack for that hours-on-the-smoker flavor

Southern Heroes

The Georgia wildlife biologist and his team are on the front line of tracking endangered right whales

Food & Drink

From an elegant seafood pilau to a sublime smothered pork chop, these dishes traverse the best of the city’s food culture


Take in the best of the city’s arts scene, from tiny portraits to public murals to a new spot for jazz


A variety of signature shops offer their own distinctive takes on Charleston charm

Land & Conservation

Some of the city’s best assets are the ones that have been here thousands of years

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The Holy City’s historic properties continue to impress, but many are also making strides at telling a fuller story

Food & Drink

Cook like a Southerner, and speak like one too

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For forty-plus years, a Charleston horticulturist has nurtured historic camellias—including what’s most likely America’s oldest


The South Carolina ornithologist’s enthusiasm has brought the pursuit—and its connections to history and race—to a new audience


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Amid St. Lucia’s lush landscape, one boutique hotel is reviving the island’s centuries-old cocoa trade

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Almost eight decades old, a rural South Carolina general store lives on

Fork in the Road

Our neighbors to the south know it as lechón. We call it barbecue. But there’s no language barrier when it comes to the joys of pit-cooked pork

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Following along on assignment with a G&G photographer as he visits eleven cities in six days

Land & Conservation

innovative plan to restore wild quail populations throughout the South

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From kippers to cocktails, our picks for the best spots on the Rock


Kamalame Cay may be the only fishing resort in the world that’s good for your body, your mind, and your marriage