A housetop quilt with blue, pink, white, yellow, and red fabric

Arts & Culture

The newest show at Atlanta’s High Museum explores its collection of colorful tapestries and how their makers reinterpret memories, people, and places in the South

A hexagon-patterned quilt with black, pink, red, green, and light blue fabric on a lighter orange border.

Arts & Culture

A new book dives deep on generations of women and their artful archive of the state’s history

Arts & Culture

Alma Wallace Lesch’s textile artwork incorporated seed sacks, vintage clothing, and bags of chicken feed to stitch together a fascinating vision of rural life

Arts & Culture

Animal fur, lampshades, rubbish: They all find a home in Coulter Fussell’s ingenious quilts

Southern Style

Geometric motifs get sewn into the world of home décor

Arts & Culture

“I wish there was a way to go back and soothe the younger me,” says Natalie Chanin, whose gorgeous new book celebrates two decades of soulful Southern style


A crackerjack quilter follows a pattern of Southern storytelling