S is for Southern

S is for Southern

A Brief Guide to Southernisms

The first rule: Include canines


Humidity: The South’s Summertime Blanket

Roy Blount, Jr. on why the South just wouldn’t be the same without sweat

S is for Southern

Okra’s Deep Roots

More than just the South’s signature pod, okra carries thousands of years of history

S is for Southern

Harper Lee: Meeting a Legend on a Spring Afternoon

Rick Bragg on the mystery and majesty of one of the South’s most reclusive authors

An Inside Look at Steel Magnolias from Robert Harling

The playwright and screenwriter reflects on the Southern film that touched the world

S is for Southern

Charley Pride: A Groundbreaking Voice

The son of a sharecropper and still going strong in his eighties, Pride forged his own path to country music greatness

S is for Southern

Turkey Hunting: A (Humorous) Primer

The joys and pains of trying to bag a gobbler

S is for Southern

Mosquitoes: The Scourge of the South

Coming to terms with a small but mighty enemy

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G is for Game Dinner

A book signing and game dinner with Circa 1886

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S is for Southern Book Events

In celebration of G&G‘s newest release

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The South from A to Z

Introducing a new book from Garden & Gun