Fork in the Road

John T. Edge Finds Seafood Bliss in Wilmington, North Carolina

Seabird brings a sophisticated taste of North Carolina’s saltwater bounty—and bivalves for breakfast—to downtown guests

Food & Drink

A State-by-State Guide to the South’s 35 Best Oysters

Oyster experts from around the South weigh in on their favorite oysters, by state

Food & Drink

Southern Conundrum: Should You Boil or Steam Blue Crabs?

Which makes for better taste? Texture? We asked the experts to weigh in


A North Carolina Oyster Oracle

Ryan Bethea wants everyone in the state to be able to get their hands on fresh bivalves


Tools for a Backyard Seafood Feast

From crab-boil pots to corncob holders, here’s everything you need to set out a memorable spread

Anatomy of a Classic

How to Make Crawfish Étouffée

An Alabama chef with New Orleans roots shares his take on classic crawfish étouffée

Food & Drink

Smoked Kentucky Catfish Dip

Louisville chef Jonathan Searle brings the flavor of Old Florida to his Kentucky home


A Florida Foodie Road Trip

Take a drive down the Gulf Coast for an unforgettable, seafood-filled adventure

Food & Drink

Spicy Southern Clams

A swim in cumin-spiced sofrito and a steam in vermouth-scented broth give these clams a kick

Food & Drink

Broiled Oysters with Chile Butter

Chile flakes and a healthy pour of hot sauce bring the fire to these bivalves

Food & Drink

Grilled Sardines

A warm raisin-sherry vinaigrette tempers the strong-flavored fish

Food & Drink

Halibut with Pickled Vegetables

Briny giardiniera brightens simple roasted fish

Food & Drink

Stuffed Calamari

A traditional dish, just-like-grandma-made (if your grandma is a fantastic Italian cook)

Food & Drink

Scallops Over Penne with Vodka Sauce

Sweet seared shellfish contrast with a spirited tomato sauce

Food & Drink

Gulf Snapper “in Cartoccio”

Sweet snapper steamed in parchment paper is easy to scale up for however many you want to serve

Food & Drink

Celebrate Feast of the Seven Fishes

Southern Italy meets the South in a scrumptious holiday tradition

What's In Season

Sheep Thrills

With their unmistakable chompers and full, balanced, flavor, sheepshead are as delightful to catch as they are to eat

Good Eats

Beyond the Beach Shack

You’ve got your fried-platter favorites. But what about finer-dining at the beach? Here are six Southern seafood spots where the only thing nicer than the meal is the view


Swelling Interest

The quirky puffer fish known as sugar toads are swimming onto more mid-Atlantic menus


Lucy’s Signature Summer Seafood Gumbo

Summer gumbo from Gulf Coast restaurant impresario Lucy “LuLu” Buffett’s new cookbook