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From home saunas to fine jewelry, these gifts will have the ultimate wow effect

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A baker’s dozen ideas for anyone who appreciates Southern food (and drink), from sauce pans and punch bowls to barbecue sauces and bacon


Use these eye-catching pieces—and Southern mail-order treats—to elevate a holiday buffet


A dozen deals to help elevate your collection of culinary tools

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Twenty-three great ways to elevate the art of Southern giving


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Chris Hastings of Birmingham’s Hot and Hot Fish Club and OvenBird shares his must-haves for game day


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G&G editors weigh in on the real-world-tested kitchen gadgets they can’t live without

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Express your gratitude with one of these elevated pieces of stationery

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For some Southerners, skillets are reverentially handed down from generation to generation. But since my mom still happily cooks with hers, I had to buy a skillet of my own. Here’s what I learned


These versatile vessels can be used in traditional or unexpected ways

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Nine booze-mobiles that will get a party started

Home & Garden

The key to interesting floral displays? The vessels. Here are tips for pairing three

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Whether you’re headed to the mountains or the beach, leave enough room in your trunk for these must-haves


An all-star in every Southern cupboard


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