Southern Food


Italy Meets the South: Dirty Rice Risotto

A Mediterranean-influenced take on the Creole favorite

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Ten Great Southern Mail-Order Treats

Direct-to-your-door pantry items help keep entertaining simple this holiday season


The One and Only Nathalie Dupree

The doyenne of Southern cooking reflects on helping to shape both the region’s cuisine and those who make it

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A Southern Food Glossary

Cook like a Southerner, and speak like one too



Southern Chefs in the Hot Seat: Part II

Twelve Southern chefs dish on their favorite meat-and-three combos, must-have cooking tools, and more

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Southern Foodways Alliance Celebrates a Milestone

The group’s annual symposium enables food sharing and story swapping for the 20th time

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Mashama Bailey’s Home Cooking

Savannah has never been at the red-hot center of the culinary universe, but with serious chops, plenty of moxie, and one of the country’s hottest new restaurants, Chef Bailey is changing that—and proving that sometimes you actually can go home again

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An Ode to Tomatoes: The Taste of the South

A paean to the fruit of summer

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The South’s Best Ballpark Bites

There’s nothing minor-league about the food at these five ball fields

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The Comfort of Southern Food

The value of the table in the digital age

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John T. Edge’s Top Ten Dishes of 2013

From boudin that’s gone global to a Caesar that’s all Florida to smoke-kissed chicken with an Alabama shimmer, these 2013 favorites from the hungriest man in the South are a serious helping of Dixie flavor––classic and contemporary

Fork in the Road

A Meal At Bantam & Biddy

Atlanta’s modern meat-and-three

Anatomy of a Classic

Jezebel Sauce: The South’s Relish

Spicy-sweet and a little bit tart, Jezebel sauce—done right—is a cook’s best friend

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Good Eats 2012

Here are John T. Edge’s top ten dishes of the year––from lardo-wrapped fish to one hell of a tomato sandwich

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A Meal at Alzina’s

The Bayou Mama of Lafourche Parish is Cajun cuisine’s best-kept secret. Reservations required—if you can get one

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Vietnamese-Style Imperial Rolls Recipe

Kentucky chef Michael Ton’s recipe works as an appetizer or a main dish

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The Taste of Dixie by Mail

Some of the best mail-order foods in the South

The High & the Low

Food for Thought

A few musings—old and new—on the greatest of all Southern levelers

City Portrait

Greenville: Where to Eat & Drink

Indoors and out, by foot or by bike, Greenville is full of surprises

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The Hashmasters

A culinary road trip through rural South Carolina in pursuit of smoke, fire, and the lost art of making barbecue hash