A man holds a plate of cooked venison outside

The Wild South Podcast

Episode 7: Andrew Zimmern
The popular TV personality, chef, writer, and outdoorsman talks about his approach to finding, and preparing, the food he makes for himself and for others

A boy riding a horse jumps over a car


The beloved Western North Carolina event unites generations of riders and spectators with a tradition steeped in family and community

A bamboo fly rod


A homegrown Smoky Mountains event caters to the cult of the cane makers, restorers, and collectors

A hand holding a brook trout with a fly in its mouth.

The Wild South

A few strategies for keeping the peace—and having a successful day—when sharing the water with other anglers

The Wild South

Top-notch gear for the mom who loves the boat, beach, woods, blind, and, of course, you

A woman teaches another woman how to attach a fly to a rod in a river


The angler, author, and instructor on her greatest catch and how to cast 161 feet

Plated Coriander Cured Venison Loin

The Wild South

The South Carolina–based chef and outdoorsman brings an inspiring approach to wild game and fish. Get his recipe for coriander-cured venison loin


With a hatchet, a knife, paintbrushes, and a deep reverence for nature and American folk art, Mark McNair turns out some of the finest decoys ever to float the Atlantic coast

A group of striped lures around a label


“Once you get a couple of these things, you start appreciating the history and the beauty and the engineering”

A hunter carries a turkey through the woods

The Wild South

Packed with recipes, stories, and inspiration, The Turkey Book, from Texas chef Jesse Griffiths, is a game changer for culinary-minded hunters

A white and brown pointer dog.


The winning performance of Touch’s Gallatin Fire proves an older dog might be able to teach us some new tricks

A girl with an orange hunting hat and camo raises a hand in the air; she has a gun under her arm


Photographer answers her own question—‘Why can’t I picture more women hunting?’—with a new exhibition

Chico Fernández gives the game fish in Florida’s Everglades National Park a brief break.


After fleeing the island as a teenager, Chico Fernández landed in Florida, where he would stumble into a trio of fishy friends, eventually quit his corporate job, and go on to make a lasting mark among anglers

Women looking at sporting art on a wall, including a painting of a fox

The Wild South

Along with the shopping, retriever demos, and, of course, flying dogs, here are five more stops to make at Charleston, South Carolina’s outdoors blowout

A composite of two women's sporting guns


Reimagined models fill a long-overlooked niche

Two pocket knives stuck into a tree stump on a navy background

Sporting Scene

Two knife makers take different routes to arrive at custom folder greatness

Ducks fly over a lake

The Wild South

A time-tested and simple way to improve the flavor and texture of wild duck—plus an easy butchering technique that helps make the most of a waterfowl bounty

The Wild South

Innovative gear that won’t disappear in the back of a closet, plus a couple of nifty picks for the dog

A morning sky with ducks in flight; a body of water below shows ducks on the water

The Wild South

What the numbers from this year’s waterfowl survey mean for ducks and duck hunters

A woman kneels in a grassy field with her dog, a shorthaired pointer with white and brown fur, to the left


Meet one of the newest members of the Georgia-Florida Shooting Dog Handlers Club