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An aerial view of a small town with red brick buildings and large grassy parks.


Why it’s easy to spend a little more time in the Port City

A woman wearing a grey tank top and white skirt playing tennis.

My Town

The breakout player of the year shares the spots she hits during her hometown Credit One Charleston Open

Inside a seafood restaurant bar, people sit at the counter under warm lighting


Slide guitarist Roy Rogers, headlining the blues tent this year, shares his favorite haunts and tunes

A crowd heading into the Atlanta Braves stadium.


Where to stay, eat, and play around the home of the Braves this season

An aerial of a city with mountains behind it in the distance


The charming mountain town just got a chic upgrade

A portrait of a woman standing in a park.


The historian and tour guide recommends the best sites for understanding the city’s history—plus where to fill up on fresh vegetables, Southern meals, and ocean views

The waves calming rolling onto the beach with sandpipers looking for food in the wet sand. There is a sunset in the background with a few bird silhouettes and the silhouette of a kayaker.


Just outside Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach is a pedestrian-friendly surf town with rarefied vibes