Video Premiere: Musician Drew Holcomb Channels His Cabin Fever

See the video for “I Need to Go Somewhere,” a hopeful—and hilarious—ode to getting back out there

Like many people, Drew Holcomb spent the last year mostly staying home, but that doesn’t mean he spent it standing still. With his wife, the singer-songwriter Ellie Holcomb, he’s recorded dozens of “Kitchen Covers” performances from his Nashville home, turning the routine into three volumes of well-received vinyl records. He also launched a new Tennessee whiskey brand with fellow University of Tennessee alum Peyton Manning and the trailblazing master distiller Marianne Eaves. And his latest album, Live at the Tennessee Theatre, released in October, was a welcome gift for fans itching to add concerts to the calendar again.

Still, Holcomb has gone a little stir crazy—as he makes abundantly clear on his new single, “I Need to Go Somewhere,” which G&G is pleased to premiere today. “Still stuck in this house with a head full of doubts, tired of staring out the window,” he sings, lamenting the “Groundhog Day routine” of stay-at-home life over the song’s playful backbeat. He directed the accompanying video himself, and it’s a lighthearted look at the pent-up energy a lot of us know all too well.

Watch the video below. And here’s to all of us going somewhere—anywhere, really—very soon.