Jessica B. Harris

A man sits with a glass of champagne on a couch in a decorated living room

Arts & Culture

A painter known for his vibrant Creole portraits brings his eye for the extraordinary to the Lowcountry

Arts & Culture

In 2022, the leader who used education to empower will become the first Black person to have a state-commissioned statue in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall


A yearly winter retreat to scout antiques, explore Black Parisian enclaves, and host a dinner where everyone’s family

Southern Roads

Jessica B. Harris on her journeys through the Magnolia State

Forgotten Southern Recipes

Recreating a grandmother’s beloved recipe for a gift of Southern summers

Food & Drink

Toques in Black honors chefs with a new book plus online cooking lessons


A New Orleans stylist blends history and beauty with aplomb in his colorful circa-1836 home

Arts & Culture

The Queen of Creole Cuisine had another passion—collecting and heralding the work of African American artists

Arts & Culture

A culinary historian recalls the influence of one of the few surviving Green Book restaurants


Escaping the Southern heat for a weekend? Add these “down-island” stops to your to-do list


On the island she calls her second home, writer Jessica B. Harris escapes the Southern heat

Southern Women

The legendary Dooky Chase’s chef speaks to historian Jessica B. Harris about growing up, transforming the New Orleans restaurant scene during the Civil Rights movement, and what it means to be a Southern woman

Southern Women

The Nashville-born chef on hats, heritage, and good old-fashioned hard work

S is for Southern

More than just the South’s signature pod, okra carries thousands of years of history

City Guides

A New Orleans fixture may be gone, but his legacy will live on