Collard Greens


Cutting Up with Chef Duane Nutter

Whether he’s talking calamari or collards, chef and comedian Duane Nutter can always find something funny about food

Anatomy of a Classic

Collard Kimchi

Collard greens replace cabbage in a chef’s Mississippi-influenced spin on kimchi

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Ginger and Collard Green Fried Rice

Turn yesterday’s side dish into tonight’s supper with this recipe from Atlanta chef Todd Richards

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Coconut-Braised Collards

Caribbean flavors accent this Southern standby

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Carla Hall’s Callaloo Collard Greens

A fiery Caribbean chile makes for one hot mess of greens

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How to Make a Collard Sandwich

The most important trick: Don’t simmer the life out of the greens

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New Year’s Smoky Greens

It’s no secret that Southerners love their greens, especially on January 1