In the estancias of Patagonia, a seasoned angler finds much more than just trophy trout. Come along on the fly-fishing trip of a lifetime, complete with fine wine, outstanding barbecue, majestic countryside, and plenty of requisite siestas. Pura vida, indeed

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Sporting Life

In the estancias of Patagonia, a seasoned angler finds much more than just trophy trout

Sporting South

In a family full of fishermen, one hapless angler could hook just about anything except a fish. But that didn’t keep him from a lifetime of trying to land the big one

Why We Love the Gulf

One of the last true fish camps on the Florida Gulf coast beckons with a slower pace

Why We Love the Gulf

No matter your pleasure, there are pockets of pristine coastline to discover


Exploring a newfound flats-fishing treasure


Once the country’s most promising downhill skier, Andy Mill never brought home an Olympic medal. But he found a second chance at greatness on the water—and along the way found himself, too


Casting for big bass in the Sunshine State

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Join writer Dave Mezz as he travels in search of big bass in the Sunshine State

Arts & Culture

Every April in Tidewater Virginia, politicians and ordinary folks gather to celebrate spring, smoked shad, and the age-old practice of civic discourse. Welcome to the Wakefield Shad Planking


A behind-the-scenes look at fly fishing’s most devoted couple

Ask G&G

How to earn a guide’s respect, Mardi Gras in Mobile, and drinking after church

Land & Conservation

An artist resumes a childhood obsession with the fish of his youth


Even at ninety years old he can still outcast you—and then charm you with his trademark smile


Five new pieces of fly-fishing gear for angling in the South


Heading north for a Southern dream on God’s River

Sporting Scene

One of sportfishing’s most storied tournaments returns to Tuna Alley


From bycatch to unusual catches of the day, a growing appreciation for underutilized seafood is changing menus across the South


Some of the world’s greatest anglers gather in the Florida Keys for a few days of instruction with some very lucky students

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Head on the water with some of the world’s greatest fly fishermen in the Florida Keys