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Easter Baskets for Grown-Ups

Because you’re never too old to have a sweet treat for breakfast

Photo: Christina Hussey Photography

Any excuse to eat chocolate and candy for breakfast appeals to the child in all of us, and that’s exactly why we’re enamored of the new Easter boxes from Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bonnie and Bud.

Every sweet treat in the mix hails from the South: Shotwell Salted Caramels and ToffeeMolly & Me Cinnamon Sugar Pecans; a Videri Chocolate Bar; Cloister HoneyOliver & Pluff Peppermint Tea; a Turkish T Hand Towel; and The Secret Chocolatier Chocolate Bunny. And each box includes a bundle of fresh spring flowers, too.

“I have always enjoyed putting together thoughtful gifts and I come from a long line of women that enjoy the same,” says Bonnie & Bud founder Whitney Holofchak. “Growing up, every occasion felt special because of the thoughtfulness of my family. The details may have been simple, but they were memorable.”

In addition to Easter offerings, Bonnie and Bud create mail-order gift boxes for all manner of other occasions. “We want to make gifting a happy occasion for the recipient and an easy experience for the sender,” Holofchak says. “After all, there’s nothing more Southern than sharing and enjoying the little things in life.”