Shakey Graves Day

On February 9, the singer-songwriter salutes fans by opening up his catalog

Photo: Greg Giannukos

Some say nothing in life is free, but fans of the Austin-based musician Alejandro Rose-Garcia, better known as Shakey Graves, know that’s not true. Every February 9 since 2012—when Austin’s mayor declared the date Shakey Graves Day—the singer-songwriter, whose bluesy, rock-country sound defies genre, gives folks a chance to download any of his music for whatever price they choose. The tracks, including rare and hard-to-find cuts, are available on his BandCamp website for seventy-two hours in honor of the “holiday.”

Watch Shakey Graves’ Back Porch Session

“It comes once a year, like Santa,” Graves says. This year, he’s delivering multiple gifts: the music offering and a cheap-ticket live show in Austin on the ninth, plus a new album out May 4 with a sound he dubs simply “different.” Since the event started, Graves has stayed steady on one point: “It’s not about me; it’s appreciation for the people who love my music.” Plenty love it enough to open their wallets, paying more than a hundred dollars per song. Others, not so much. “I get emails from people who feel guilty for not paying,” he says. “It’s funny.”

For more information on Shakey Graves Day and other upcoming releases and tour dates, visit ShakeyGraves.com.