Made in the South Awards 2017

McKenzie Knife Co.

Crafts runner-up Johnathan McKenzie’s cutting-board-and-knife set makes an eye-catching addition to any home bar


Cutting-board-and-knife set from McKenzie Knife Company.

With its first slice, the blade included in McKenzie Knife Company’s handsome home bar cutting-board-and-knife set gains distinct evidence of use. The rainbow hues that swirl across the carbon steel over time are chemical fingerprints—one reason the cutler Jonathan McKenzie chose the material. The metal also sharpens well and holds an edge, he says, and the knife’s clean-lined bone handle ages nicely, too. McKenzie started working with his hands young, but a flip through a knife-making book sharpened his focus. The sophisticated bar set showcases the skill he has honed since, and his attention to detail: He amplifies the set’s Texas vibe by using “rugged but refined” Austin mesquite for the cutting board, which includes a magnetic, leather-lined nook for securely stowing the knife. Thanks to the bar set’s rustic good looks, though, it’s doubtful you’ll want to hide any part of it post–happy hour.

>Cutting-board-and-knife set, $1,000 from


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