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New Music from Aaron Lee Tasjan

Stream “The Rest is Yet to Come” from the free-spirited Nashville singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album Karma for Cheap

photo: Brennan Wesley

Aaron Lee Tasjan at this year’s Luck Reunion in Texas.

Since he moved to Nashville in 2013, Aaron Lee Tasjan has become Music City’s cosmic cowboy, sporting sparkly suits and a cheeky wink and grin. But behind that lurks an astute artist bent on injecting some subversion and fun into what can often be an all-too-serious Americana scene. He succeeds with aplomb on his sizzling third solo album, Karma for Cheap (out August 31), upping the volume and splashing his fuzzy guitar over Roy Orbison–esque melodies. “What I wanted to create on this album,” Tasjan says, “was something I could begin to call my own—something that felt as though it wasn’t specific to one place or time.” Stream “The Rest Is Yet to Come”—which we are proud to premiere today—and hear for yourself. Be sure to keep an eye out for Tasjan on tour, too.

Matt Hendrickson, with additional reporting from Dacey Orr Sivewright