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Ten Tools You Need to Outfit a Southern Kitchen

G&G editors weigh in on the real-world-tested kitchen gadgets they can’t live without


Skillet Handle Covers/Lodge Hot Handle Holders

I burned the dickens out of my hand by absentmindedly grabbing the handle of a skillet after I’d had it in the oven. Handle cozies like these from the Tennessee company Lodge make a pan easier to grip than, say, trying to do it with an oven mitt. (Also, I learned a great home remedy for a burn, if you don’t have any medication on hand: egg whites.) $8, amazon.com

–Amanda Heckert, Deputy Editor

French Ceramic Butter Keeper

I like toast. Don’t worry—I like biscuits, too. But some mornings, I’m just not gonna bust out the dough bowl and biscuit cutters, you know? At those times, I want soft, spreadable butter. Cold butter straight from the fridge doesn’t spread, even on hot toast. That’s why I’ve always been a fan of old-fashioned earthenware butter keepers, which safely store butter at room temperature. This stylish model from Food52 is one of my favorites. $45, food52.com

– Phillip Rhodes, Executive Managing Editor

The Laundress Copper Cleaning Cloth

Other than using salt, this is the only kitchen tool that truly scours a cast-iron skillet well. And because the threads are copper, they are naturally antibacterial. You can wash this thing back to its shiny glory in the dishwasher, too. Also, way chicer than a sponge. $15, thelaundress.com

–Haskell Harris, Style Director

Dash Egg Cooker

I cook almost every day now, but there was a time when I literally couldn’t boil an egg, and even years later, I still kind of doubt myself when it comes to achieving that perfect yolk. Enter this Dash egg cooker, which routinely turns out perfectly cooked eggs—whether I’m looking for hard, soft, or medium boiled—and makes them incredibly easy to peel. I use it almost every morning. A warning, though: the alarm that sounds once the eggs are cooked will wake the whole house. $20, amazon.com

–Dacey Orr Sivewright, Digital Editor

Beeswax Food Wrap

Gifted to me, my sister, and all my cousins last Christmas by my mother, this beeswax food wrap has totally replaced plastic cling wrap in my kitchen. I use the Kentucky-made product to wrap half-eaten avocados, bacon, and whatever casserole I made for myself that week. To make things even easier, it comes in all sizes and you seal it shut with the warmth from your hand. $19, amazon.com

–Lydia Mansel, Social Media Editor

Toadfish Oyster Knife

If you’re invited to an oyster roast, it’s customary to bring your own shucking knife. These knives from Toadfish based in Charleston, South Carolina, are functional, durable, thoughtfully designed with handles made from recycled plastic, and give back to oyster habitat restoration projects. Pair with a shucking cloth to keep your fingers intact. $38, amazon.com

–Julia Knetzer, Art Director

AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

I love having fresh herbs, but the direct sun at my house is brutal on a garden. The solution is this hydroponic herb garden. I can always have basil, mint, and dill at the ready (even in the scalding summer and dreary winter). We keep this in the window sill above the sink, and it tells you when you add water. Plus, you can plant tomatoes anytime of year. $105-$123; amazon.com

–Kim Alexander, Digital Director

Milk Frother

Saturday morning ritual, a.k.a. upgrading the workaday cup of joe: Over a mug of coffee, pour warm, fluffy half-and-half whipped up with this milk frother. Grate nutmeg or cardamom on top for extra deliciousness. $16, amazon.com

–CJ Lotz, Research Editor

Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

This thing is a game changer in the kitchen. The gear that provides extra squeezing leverage makes all the difference—you get so much juice, with zero spooning for seeds or filtering through your fingers. $16-$35, amazon.com

–Margaret Houston, Photo Editor

KitchenAid Blade Coffee and Spice Grinder Combo Pack

Futzing with filters, water, and beans before having that first cup of joe seems almost un-American. So, anything that makes the morning prep of that miracle elixir faster, smoother and less messy is a flag I’m happy to salute. $38, amazon.com

–Marshall McKinney, Creative Director

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