Rick Bragg

Southern Conundrum

A reverence for the family special is non-negotiable—but not everyone toes the line

Food & Drink

What does it mean when a Southern writer can’t tell the Pappy from the bad from the ugly?

Arts & Culture

The writer logs the mileage of his life in trucks—rickety hunks of junk, sleek dual cabs, and every kind of pickup in between

Food & Drink

Memories fade, but the moments breaking bread (and slurping oysters) with legendary Southern writers still fill the heart


A lifetime of memories of shell hunting in Panama City Beach and eating stone crabs in Siesta Key keeps onetime local Rick Bragg longing to return

Arts & Culture

She was two dogs high, half a dog wide, and the only animal to ever run away with an Alabama author’s heart

S is for Southern

Rick Bragg on the mystery and majesty of one of the South’s most reclusive authors

Sporting South

In a family full of fishermen, one hapless angler could hook just about anything except a fish. But that didn’t keep him from a lifetime of trying to land the big one

Celebrate the South

A signature New Orleans dish you can count on

Our Kind of Place

Rick Bragg’s New Orleans epiphany


When the call came to write Jerry Lee Lewis’s biography, Rick Bragg knew he couldn’t say no

Food & Drink

For many Southerners, nothing goes quite as well with summer as a fresh grouper sandwich. But these days finding the real thing can be hit or miss


For a group of young boys in the mountains, nothing beat the howl of a legendary coon dog

City Portrait

Cosmopolitan, edgy, never boring, this city has a way of sticking with you

Food & Drink

It’s usually not love at first sight, but then you understand what all the fuss is about


In New Orleans, a messy sandwich is a thing of beauty