Vivian Howard

Country Accent

Vivian Howard Puts Her Moxie Where Her Mouth Is

The abracadabra of telling your ambitions to the world

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Vivian Howard Has Impostor Syndrome

Lurid tales from behind the curtain

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Vivian Howard Chooses Her Holiday Battles

Muddling through the, um, most wonderful time of the year

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Shopping for a Hobby

Vivian Howard is on the hunt for exciting, adventurous pastimes (Windex optional)

Food & Drink

Vivian Howard Pays Tribute to a Classic Southern Cookbook

The recipes and advice from Jenny Fitch and North Carolina’s Fearrington House Restaurant still resonate

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Love Languages, Decoded

When it comes to expressing affection, Vivian Howard doesn’t mince words

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Vivian Howard’s Travel Advisory

Nothing frenzies and frazzles like going on vacation

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Home on the Road

Why rural folks don’t seem to mind long drives

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At Home in Howardville

For Vivian Howard, the population is sometimes too many and often just enough

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Beware of Howards Bearing Gifts

Meaningful holiday giving doesn’t have to be duller than a sack of potatoes

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Vivian Howard Is Unnaturally Talented

Outdoor pursuits don’t always come naturally

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Vivian Howard on Naming Rites

With the power to christen (even a cocktail) comes great responsibility

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A Chef’s Perfect Beach Day

The pressures of the last year find release in a dream day by the water

Home for the Holidays

Vivian Howard’s Christmas Ode to the Piggly Wiggly

In Eastern North Carolina, a beloved grocery store goes all out